Returns Policy


Any order cancellation, modification, or deferral requires prior written consent from the Company (Water Distillers Australia), which is solely at the Company’s discretion. If consent is granted, the Company may elect to be reimbursed for all losses, including loss of profits, and may charge a cancellation fee of no less than 20% of the invoice price of the Goods.

Non-Returnable Goods

The following goods are not eligible for return: specially made goods, including items cut to length; goods made or purchased based on a firm and irrevocable order; and goods that have been altered or damaged by the Purchaser. Additionally, goods cannot be returned if they are in proper working condition but do not meet the customer’s subjective expectations. Return of goods requires explicit written consent from the Company (Water Distillers Australia).

Return Timeframe

Goods must be returned within 14 days of receiving written consent from the Company.

Return Address

Returned goods should be sent to the Company’s place of trading or any other address specified by the Company.

Return Procedure

Returned goods must be clearly marked with the provided Return Authorization Number or other reference provided by the Company.

Return Shipping

The customer is responsible for the cost and arrangement of return shipping. Original shipping rates are non-refundable. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that returned goods are properly packaged to prevent damage during transit. Goods returned in a damaged condition may not be eligible for a refund.

Credit for Returns

Credits for returned goods (excluding cancellation fees) will be issued through direct deposit or credited back to the original credit card used for the purchase.

In-Store Returns

Goods can only be returned by post or courier to the Company’s designated return address.

Packaging Requirements

Returned goods must be packaged using the original packaging in the same manner they were initially shipped to the customer to prevent damage during transit.